Vincent G. Causerano, Principal

vinceBolstered by many years of experience, Vincent G. Causerano formed VGC Solutions, LLC., in January 2016. Having had many diverse, unique and multi-faceted employment opportunities, Vince has a perspective different from most.

Vince spent his early years working in the family retail business. From as far back as he can remember, he was sweeping floors and stocking shelves. As he grew, so did the business and so did his responsibility. Soon he was handing money, designing displays and buying merchandise for the store. Before long, he was responsible for managing the entire operation, including the employees. You can image his challenge, being 17 years old and managing a group of employees old enough to be his parents. He learned very early that one cannot accomplish anything without earning the respect of the people around you.

While working in the family business, Vince also wanted to go to college. He was not exactly sure what he wanted to do, and needed to pay for his education, so he decided to explore other types of employment as well. During his late teens and while in college he worked multiple jobs: in a Mail Factory, for an Auto-maker (both on the build floor as well as in the Engineering Offices), for a Global Shipping Company as well as other retail establishments. Once he decided on a Psychology for his degree, he began seeking employment that would utilize his new found skills. In this area, he sought out work doing counseling, working in hospital programs and managing group homes for people with multiple diagnoses.

Following his undergraduate degree, Vince continued to explore the employment landscape. He wanted to bridge his love for the business world, with his desire to help people directly through therapy. He continued to spend time in management in the non-profit, not-for-profit sector. While he enjoyed that work, he longed for something more. He then began working in the Healthcare world. This move to an Employee Assistance Program introduced him to the world of call centers. Here he was able to not only continue his counseling skills, but also learn about Call Center Management, Customer Relationship Management Systems, and companywide Quality Systems. During this time, HIPAA was just being introduced which provided valuable experience. Vince quickly moved up the management ladder. After spending several years in Healthcare, Vince moved into the consulting side of business world and has spent the last 15 years supporting various verticals including Consumer Goods, Food Products and Pharmaceuticals.

Looking back, it is very clear to see that in each of Vince’s areas of employment, he gravitated to the same areas – process efficiency, quality management, compliance enforcement and auditing. Everywhere he looked, he found himself making recommendations on how to make things better, quicker, more efficient. He was very often put in charge of managing Quality Assurance functions in many departments, after only being employed for a matter of days! And as for Compliance, if you know Vince, you know this is a passion for him. From his days running Group Homes to his time supporting Big Pharma, making compliance easy has been his drive. And surely he has mentioned to you, that unless you Audit your processes, you don’t really know you are compliant.


Vince’s perspective is that rules are EVERYWHERE – nearly every industry has a list of standards, or regulations or rules that need to be followed – everything from good practices, to laws. Regardless, it is possible to build processes that keep your quality high, your bottom line profitable and your company compliant. And if you need help, give Vince a call