Services We Offer


Are you following best in class practices? Are you sure every step has a valid reason for being completed? It is really necessary? Do your employees know why they do what they do? VGC Solutions will review your processes to make sure you or your vendors are following the right steps for the right reasons. Wasted time is wasted money.


How do you measure your quality? Are you meeting the requirements of your Quality Policy? Do you have a Quality Policy? Do your employees know the Quality they produce? VGC Solutions will evaluate your Quality Management System to make sure you are best in class.


You’re compliant, right? Are you sure? Can you prove it? Compliance should not be a guessing game. At VGC Solutions, we have a unique perspective related to compliance. There are MANY different regulations you may need to follow, depending on your industry. So while we can help you navigate those rules, we will want to make sure your compliance infrastructure is robust and effective so that you have peace of mind.


Audits are truly the only way to verify and confirm that you are saying what you do and doing what you say. VGC Solutions offers a variety of Audits and Audit Services to meet your specific needs. Perhaps your focus is internal and you just want a single process audited; maybe it is a department or two. Or maybe your entire center needs to prepare for a Client Audit. We can help. Maybe you want an external group or Third Party Vendor audited – again, VGC Solutions can do it. In addition, if you are prepping for an Audit and want some training to help prep your staff, give us a call – again, we can assist.